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‘When in Rome do as the Romans, so they say. My family and I moved into a new neighborhood which is rather up market and posh. The people there are the kind that makes a fuss over the appearance of the home, whether or not the exterior home colors complement the garage door and all that. Now I have never been one to fuss over such nuances but the longer you stay in a place like that with neighbors like that they sort of rub off onto you. Long story short we ended up calling the guys over at Mesa Garage Door Repair because we wanted to replace our garage door so that it would match with our house more. We didn’t have the foggiest clue or idea how to go about buying garage doors because we had never had to do so at our previous house. Embarrassed to admit it, but needing their help I finally told them I didn’t know how to select a garage door. They were very professional about everything and didn’t make me seem out of place for not knowing how to buy a door. They helped me with the choice and even came to install it. I learnt so much from them that afternoon. I will definitely call Mesa Garage Door Repair again in future!’ – Harry Maloney